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8 Essential Food Supplements to Add In Your Diet Plan to Get That Perfect Shape

Wednesday November 4th

Every single Muslima has a fascination for that ‘size-zero’ waistline but there are only few who can actually make it a reality. For girls in pursuit of a desirable body figure, they have to be dependent on a perfect diet. However, it is not something that they earn easily and they have to pay a big price for it. After a long wait and strenuous hard work, they manage to lose few extra pounds in course of several months.

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Imran Khan and Reham Khan Part Ways After 10 Months of Their Marriage

Friday October 30th

In January this year, Imran Khan became subject of the biggest news when he married Reham Khan and as 2015 approaches to its end, he is back in media limelight with breaking-news of his divorce with her lady. The chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, country’s third largest party, and his second wife parted ways just after 10 months of their marriage. The news broke out at a time when PTI is busy in local body elections in Punjab and the news might turn out to be a big blow to its staunch voters.

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8 Expert Tips to Get Through a Long Distance Marriage

Thursday October 29th

For any couple, living miles away from each other can take its toll on the marriage. Living in a remote relationship gets a little complex partly because of the distance between couples. To make such a marriage, both couple have to go through little sacrifices and compromises. In spite of all its challenges, a long distance marriage can still be successful if few things are taken care of.

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Younis Khan Becomes Pakistan’s Highest Run-Scorer in Test Cricket

Thursday October 22nd

Star Pakistani batsman Younis Khan surpasses most runs record of Javed Miandad as he scored 45 runs in second inning of the first test. He achieved this milestone on his 102nd test match at an average of 54.07. Interestingly, the batsman already holds the record of most number of test centuries by a Pakistani.

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Remembering 9/11 and How It Changed the World?

Monday September 14th

The world remembers 9/11 attacks as America mourns 14th anniversary of terrorists attacks on World Trade Center occurred on September 11, 2001. On the fateful day of September 11, 2001, the world witnessed the most disturbing images ever aired live on camera. Two planes crashed into North and South tower of one of the world’s tallest building known as World Trade Center. The devastating impact of the planes left both the towers in fire and smoke. As it happened, the world saw both towers of the World Trade Center collapsing within two hours.

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The Author of First Constitution of Pakistan, Abdul Hafeez Pirzada Breathes his Last

Thursday September 3rd

The sad demise of Abdul Hafeez Pirzada is a big blow on Pakistan politics and judiciary of the country. He was under treatment in London for gastroenteritis. The veteran lawyer was a key political figure of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and served as minister of parliament under platform of the party. His most distinguished achievement was his role in formation of 1973 constitution of Pakistan.

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Independence Day Special: Historical Events of Pakistan

Wednesday August 12th

People of Pakistan will be celebrating 68th birthday of homeland on 14, August 2015. The country got independence in 1947 as a result of a political struggle. It all began in 1857 when Muslims and Hindus of Subcontinent commenced an organized political movement for a separate state.

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5 Most Eligible Bachelors in Bollywood

Monday August 3rd

In reel life, they play lovers who woo a girl and then get her in the end. But, in real life they are far away from finding their true dream woman. The life of these bachelor Bollywood stars is similar to a typical Bollywood film where a hero is desperate to find the love of his life.

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Movie Review: Wrong No

Wednesday July 29th

Finally Wrong No, the most-awaited film of the year, has hit Pakistani theatres and we have some interesting things to share with you about this film. Wrong No is a romcom that is more Bollywood in style than Pakistani genre of cinema. Made on a meager budget of 8 crore, the film has done decently well on the box office.

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7 Ways Humor Makes You a Healthier Person

Tuesday July 7th

Humor is contagious as we see in our lives. It is one emotion that binds human in every part of the world. At the same time, humor is a strong motivator in keeping us healthy and happy. Many scientific studies in past have established the profound effect of humor on human health. Apart from its healing power against stress, it has many other positive effects on our health.

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