7 Ways Humor Makes You a Healthier Person

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Humor is contagious as we see in our lives. It is one emotion that binds human in every part of the world. At the same time, humor is a strong motivator in keeping us healthy and happy. Many scientific studies in past have established the profound effect of humor on human health.  Apart from its healing power against stress, it has many other positive effects on our health.  No wonder do we have a volume of articles and blogs pertaining health tips of humor.

BiWi sheds light on healing effects of humor on human health:

1.    It Improves Breathing
Laughter is known to improve respiration and breathing. When we laugh, our heart begins to supply more oxygen to lungs which helps it function in a sound manner. Consequently, it improves our breathing and helps us feel relaxed.

2.    It Boosts Mood
Humor is the best stimulus to boost our mood. As soon as we laugh, our body starts to release a great amount of endorphins which in turn boosts our mood. These hormones trigger positive mood and make us feel happy.

3.    It Fights Against Stress
Stress is predominant in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The pressure of life makes most of us feel stressed to some extent. Stress not only worsens our health, it also affects our performance in workplace. However, the daily doses of laughter abstains you from becoming victim of this culprit and live a stress-free life. Laughter also helps reduce other stress-related disorders, for example anxiety and depression.

4.    It Has Positive Effects on Psychology
Laughter has an influence on your attitude towards life. Practicing humor in life encourages positive attitude and makes you feel optimistic about your future. Similarly, humor kills negative emotions that contribute to psychological disorders. When you laugh out loud, it activates neuropeptides that reduce chances of developing chronic psychological disorders.

5.    It Makes Your Feel Relaxed
Laughter has a healing effect on your nervous system. Using humor in daily life helps lower tension in the nerves which in turn improves your cardiovascular system. A relaxed nervous system helps you feel relaxed and calm.

6.    It Reinforces a Better Sleep
Laughter indirectly has a positive effect on your sleep. Since laughing reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety, it helps you feel relaxed and content. As a result, you are able to take healthy sleep makes you feel good.

7.    It Alleviates Muscle Pain
Humor is a strong healer of muscle pain. When we laugh, then a major supply of oxygen runs through our blood which then eases tension in muscles. This reduces any spasms or pain in your body.

Laughter is natural remedy to keep us away from many serious disorders as mentioned above. By practicing humor on daily basis, we help ourselves live a better and healthier life. Need more health tips? Check this post: Do You Know How To Deal With Stress? Let Us Teach You!

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