8 Expert Tips to Get Through a Long Distance Marriage

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For any couple, living miles away from each other can take its toll on a rishta. Living in a remote relationship gets a little complex partly because of the distance between couples. To make such a marriage, both couple have to go through little sacrifices and compromises. In spite of all its challenges, a long distance marriage can still be successful if few things are taken care of.

For all suffering partners who need help with surviving a long distance marriage, BiWi offers these 8 expert tips:

1.    Keep in (Emotional) Touch
Living miles away from each other can be distressing for any couple. There are always time when your partner might desperately need your support and the same goes for you. There will be gloomy days when s/he needs a hug and there will be moments of joy that s/he wants to share with you. To avoid your partner live these moments alone, it is important that you maintain an emotional connection with your better half. Make it a habit to send a message or call at least twice a day to be aware of emotional status of your spouse.

2.    Make Surprise Visits
For a long distance marriage, it is important to have regular meetings with your spouse. This is not only important to make the spark alive but it also reinforces the fact that you will both be living together one day. These little surprises go a long way in keeping your rishta alive.

3.    Give Each Other Pleasant Gifts
For any successful relationship, gifts are like fuel that keeps it moving. Similarly, a long distance marriage requires you to exchange little investments that go a long way in keeping the connection alive. Do not wait for the birthdays and wedding anniversaries to present your spouse with a gift and rather do it on every now and then.

4.    Get Involved
To make sure that your long distance marriage is going strong, you need to be actively involved in life of your spouse, especially if you are a male. Being a female counterpart, your spouse needs your attention even if you are away. So, you should make her feel your unspoken presence so that she becomes sheltered and secured.

5.    Rely Upon Your Support System
In a long distance marriage, it is a woman suffers more pain than man. In this scenario, a closely-knit family system can turn out to be a great support. As a man, you should rely upon your support system to keep your spouse in comfort. Take family and friends into confidence and let them play their role while you are away. Their strong emotional support, love and affection will be a strong pillar that she can depend on in your absence.

6.    Create Romantic Moments
Never let the distance come deprive you of having some romantic moments with your spouse. Though it is not possible to live those special moments together, a little thoughtfulness can make a huge difference. For example, you can take help of Google Hangouts to have romantic chit-chats or both of you can use social media platform to send instant romantic messages. These all things contribute a great deal in bringing you both emotionally closer.

7.    Make a System to Keep You Motivated
Living in a remote relationship deprives you of feeling motivated. To cope up with your sadness, you need to make a system in order to keep you motivated. Find ways to keep you engaged while you are not working. Similarly, you should find outlets to vent out the contained sadness so that you stay emotionally healthy while your spouse is away.

8.    Keep the Hope Alive
Even for best of couples, living in a long distance marriage can be a tough call. Unless there are shared hopes of both couple, living in a distance marriage can make you feel depressed after sometime. So, you have to work out things for a future when both of you could spend a normal life as husband and wife. If it is about a job that keeps you away, try your best to find a substitute job so that you start living a happy life in company of your spouse.

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