8 Essential Food Supplements to Add In Your Diet Plan to Get That Perfect Shape

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Every single Muslima has a fascination for that ‘size-zero’ waistline but there are only few who can actually make it a reality. For girls in pursuit of a desirable body figure, they have to be dependent on a perfect diet. However, it is not something that they earn easily and they have to pay a big price for it. After a long wait and strenuous hard work, they manage to lose few extra pounds in course of several months.

Not everyone has the will power to go through this difficult journey and very few are able to achieve the goal. For all those determined weight loss freaks, BiWi lists here 8 essential supplements that will help them get a desirable shape without breaking tons of sweats.

1.    Multivitamins
Minerals and vitamins are essential for our wellbeing as they contain vital nutrients necessary for functioning of organs in our body. However, when you are on a diet plan, your body gets deprived from these essential nutrients leading you to feel feeble and weak. Using multivitamins not only replenishes the amount of vitamins/minerals your body consumes in a day but also makes up for the lack of vital nutrients your body suffer as a result of any special diet, such as vegan diet. For better results, you opt for B-complex formula while adding multivitamins in your diet chart.

2.    Probiotics
Probiotics facilitates process of digestion in your body. Probiotics induce digestion by activating certain bacteria inside the digestion tract. During a diet course, probiotics can serve as a catalyst in digestion process. Apart from their effects for smooth digestion, probiotics are important for a healthy immune system.

3.    Proteins
For single Muslima girls needing mass strength while on a diet, protein supplements are the best option. Not only do they provide your body with much-needed muscle mass, but also supply you plenty of amino acids that speed up the metabolism. For vegetarians, protein supplements are rich source of amino acids which are not sufficiently consumed when you are on a vegetable diet. Protein supplements are available both in solid and powder form, so you can use them according to your diet system. Protein supplements are particularly essential for athletes and sportsmen who have to take part in strenuous physical activities.

4.    Amino Acids
Amino acids are chief component in composition of proteins. Mainly, proteins are responsible for synthesis of amino acids which in turn helps in metabolism. By including amino acid nutrients in your diet, you are able to speed up the metabolism and increase mass strength. So, while you are on a diet, you need to make sure that you ingest enough of amino acid supplements to give you that muscular shape.

5.    Vitamin D
A special diet abundant with Vitamin D supplement is essential to make it a success. By adding more Vitamin D in your body, you are able lose more fats as a result of higher insulin sensitivity. Vitamin D increases insulin sensitivity in your body which helps burns more fats. As a result, your body tend to convert more glucose into energy which in turn eliminates bad fats within your body.

6.    Carbohydrates
For anyone on a strict diet plan, feeling fatigued or worker up is a common thing. To cope up with the issue, you need to add on carbohydrate supplement in your diet regimen that can give you instant energy whenever your energy levels are down. To compensate your daily energy consumption, you need to add carbohydrate bars and juices throughout a day.

7.    Calcium
For fitness freaks who perform strenuous exercise during a diet plan, calcium supplement should be an integral part of their daily routine. Putting more calcium in your diet allows you to have strong bones to help you perform strenuous workouts. So, you should never forget ingesting calcium supplements every time you set out for a vigorous workout session.

8.    Fiber
Similar to other supplements mentioned above, fiber also eases the digestion and alleviate constipation. This super-nutrient keeps your digestive system functioning without you suffering any discomfort as a result of indigestion. Eating fiber also makes you feel satiated which is necessary to avoid eating intermittently which makes your body look bulky.

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