2015 Cricket World Cup and Controversies That Rocked Pakistan Cricket Team!

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The viral of Cricket World Cup has plagued the nation and everyone is gossiping about the next champion of the biggest event of cricket. India is the defending champion in the contest who is led by his legendary captain M S Dhoni. The team has managed to win the both matches in group stages. The most thrilling of its win was against Pakistan when it knocked down Shaheens in a group match and continued the tradition from 1992 Cricket World Cup.
In Cricket World Cup 2015, Pakistani team seems to be struggling in all departments: batting, bowling and fielding. The shortcomings in all of these areas clearly manifested lack of preparation of the team. The team first lost to India in a group match and then to West Indies in a rather one-sided match by 150 runs.

Pakistan In Middle of 2015 Cricket World Cup Controversy
The Pakistani cricket surrounded into severe media scrutiny when it lost two of its consecutive matches in round stage. The news circles blamed team management and selection committee for the poor performance of the team and cited political elements behind poor performance of the team. The controversies were further reinforced when chief selector Moin Khan caught media attention after he was spotted in a local casino playing gamble.

However, this is not the first time that Pakistani Cricket team came under the limelight of media. The team has its share of controversies in the past as well.

Let’s look into a few of the worst scandals that involved Pakistani Cricket team in the past:

Pakistan Loses to Ireland and Bob Woolmer Death
March 17, 2007 is a ‘black day’ in history of Pakistan cricket. The team suffered two of the biggest ordeals during 2007 Cricket World Cup. First, the team lost a match to Ireland who was the underdog of the tournament. After restricting Pakistan to 132, Ireland easily chased the required target in the 42nd over.
It was not much after the team lost the match that death of Bob Woolmer surfaced the media outlets. The Pakistan cricket coach was found dead in his room in Kingston, Jamaica. Soon after his death, the rumor factories produced a number of conspiracy theories.

Pakistan Loses to India in 1996 Quarter Final
The Chinnaswami Stadium, Banglore turned into a battleground when it became the venue of quarter final between arch rivals Pakistan and India. The two teams had encountered each other earlier in 1992 World Cup that resulted in the win of India. Everyone thought it would be a cakewalk for Pakistan cricket team as it had the best of talent that included the likes of Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram, Saaed Anwar and Javed Minadad. The team first suffered a psychological blow when the skipper Wasim Akram withdrew from the contest just before the start as a result of elbow injury. What followed was a tragic finish with loss of Pakistan by 39 runs. The poor performance of Pakistan cricket team and injury of Wasim Akram raised many eyebrows after the loss.

Match Fixing Controversies Plagued the Media During 1999 Cricket World Cup
Pakistani cricket team stepped into the 1999 Cricket World Cup as ‘hot favorite’. It was perhaps the best team among the other World Cup. However, the controversies pursued Pakistan even in this event as it ended up losing to underdog Bangladesh in a group match, followed by a one-sided win in the final. The team’s miserable performance led media sources to speculate rumors revolving around match fixing.

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    Quite true. Pakistan has a long history of controversies. Nonetheless, this is the best team of cricket today.

  2. seo plugin says:

    Each team comes out clean in this world cup. We hope that ICC regulates stricter procedure in future as well.

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