Struggling With Sleep? 7 Helpful Tips to Stop It Now!

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Sleep is a biological process that has positive effects on our health. Nonetheless, we lack sleep in our life which affects our mood. Every human needs an uninterrupted sleep of 6-8 hours to feel energized for the whole day. Without a proper sleep, we lack energy and desire to give our best shot.

Therefore, if you have been struggling with lack of sleep in the past, these guidelines will help you cope up with the issue:

1.    Avoid Caffeine and Nicotine Before Sleep
Caffeine and Nicotine stimulate brain and kill sleep. So, if you want to encourage sleep, you need to cut down on your intake of caffeine and nicotine, especially 4-6 hours before going to bed. Similarly, you should avoid indulging in alcohol and tobacco before hitting the pillow.

2.    Have a Cup of Milk
We all know that milk fortifies our bones but what we do not know is that it is a natural remedy to induce sleep. To encourage sleep, you need to make a habit of drinking a glass of milk at least 30 minutes before you get down on the bed.

3.    Eat Healthy Food
Our diet has deep effects on our sleep pattern. What we eat affects our biological clock and it has a direct effect on our sleep pattern. When you consume junk food or cola drinks, you develop indigestion issues that result in belching, gastric problem, heartburns and excessive urine. All these disorders cause interruption in our sleep.

4.    Make a Routine
Regulating a routine is the first step towards promoting a healthy sleep. You need to make a routine of things that you do in life. From eating lunch and dinner to working and lazing out, you need to make a consistent routine to ensure that your sleep pattern is not disturbed. In this way, you can set a biological clock that regulates your sleep pattern and you are able to enjoy a complete sleep.

5.    Change Environment
Your bedroom environment has a lot to do with your sleep. You cannot sleep when you keep your TV switched on while keeping your eyes closed. A soothing bedroom environment is essential to induce sleep. Therefore, you need to switch off all your bedroom lights and put off your entire sound devices to invite sleep. Reading a book under dim light is another way you can induce sleep.

6.    Cut Off Your External Communication
You need to disconnect yourself with outside world just when you hit the bed. Put your cellular phone to silent mode and plug out all your sources of external communication.

7.    Be Particular About Your Medications
Medications have an indirect effect on our sleep pattern. Some medications contain beta-blockers which conflict with melatonin, the hormones responsible for regulating sleep. Consulting with your doctor about any such drug will ensure that you are not affected by side-effects of any such drug.

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