How To Stay In A Long-Term Friendship?

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Friends are the most precious asset of life. Our best friends are our confidant with whom we share everything about our life. They are also our mentor who guides us in life and motivates us to get ahead in life. Therefore, it is high point for us to know the tips for keeping good terms with our friends and take our friendship to the next level.

Here we share mantras on how you can become a person that your friend can count on:

Be a Committed Friend
True friends show an uncompromising commitment towards their friends. They always show their concerns whenever their friends are upset. Always remain in touch with your friend without skipping a day. Make daily phone calls or texts to interact with him. In this way, you will develop a sense of belonging with your friend.

Be Faithful With Your Friends
True friendship stands on the foundation of mutual trust and loyalty. Being a partner in friendship, you must entrust your friend about things that matter the most in your life. At the same time, you should also make sure that your friend keeps faith in you whenever he needs emotional support.

Be Dependable
Truly successful friends support each other in times of adversity. Be the first one to offer a helping hand whenever your friend goes through emotional crisis. Be a friend that he can find a solace whenever he is miffed. Your friend should feel comfortable under the shelter of your company.

Be A Good Mentor
A good friend is like a spiritual mentor who always guides his partner in life. He never hesitates to offer his advice to his friend for his betterment. Be a good mentor by giving your friend honest opinions on matters of concern. Your honest opinions will help your friend grow as a person and get his goals.

Give Him Space
Every relationship needs some extent of space. Being dominating only worsens a relationship. Similarly, you should give your friend the due space that he can live his life to the fullest. Avoid being too possessive or demanding that he feels a sense of interference. Being friends, you should respect each other private life.

Forgive His Mistakes
True friends never hold grudges against each other. They do not need an apology even when one hurts the other. Forgiving mistakes of your friend makes him embarrassed of his mistakes and brings him closer to you.

Accept the Changes of Life
Life is all about accepting the changes. Similarly, a friendship will grow more when you begin to accept the changes of life. Understand the fact that life never remains the same. Once you become an adult and take responsibilities, you have to make little adjustments. He too has a life that needs his attention. Therefore, you should avoid making unrealistic expectations with your friend.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes
Never hesitate to acknowledge your mistake that hurt your friend. Learn to say ‘sorry’ whenever you hurt your friend. Be considerate for the feelings of your friend and accept your wrongdoing without being judgmental.

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  1. Matilda says:

    I have a childhood friend with more than 15 years of friendship and i thank god for this precious gift.

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