Cricket And the IPL Effect!

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Hey cricket fans! Gear yourself up with the most sensational cricket event of Indian soil, commonly known as IPL. Last year we saw some thrilling matches and dramatic victory of KKR in the final. Let’s see if this edition of IPL could recreate the same magic.

The Madness of IPL
IPL always brings the best out of cricket game. Colorful uniforms, flamboyant cheerleaders and glamorous Bollywood celebrities, they all accentuate the beauty of this game. On the other hand, IPL also provides a wholesome entertainment to the audience. Due to T20 format of the game, the spectators get to some forceful pinch-hitting style of batting. The long sixes are what drive you crazy and you want for more.

The festival of IPL paints everyone in its color and people cannot resist but stick to TV screens. This is what we call ‘IPL Mania’ that no other cricket event can offer you. So, if you have not yet tasted the fun of IPL India, then you need to check out these highlights of the event and we bet you will regret to not watch its previous editions:

Flashy Uniforms
The colorful uniform is the ultimate sight to watch out in IPL. This makes it more interesting to follow this format as you can see your favorite cricket stars cladded in stylish uniforms. This gives individuality to this game and more people get attracted towards it. What is more interesting is the emblem of their team that looks stunning to the eyes.

Bollywood Celebrities
Which other cricket event gives you a change to see Shahrukh Khan or Preity Zinta cheering with crowd? IPL provides you with an opportunity to watch your Bollywood stars cheering for their team. Many die-hard fans of Bollywood celebrities flock to the venue to see their favorite Bollywood stars and share special moments with them. The spectators rub shoulders with ‘who’s and who’s’ of Bollywood celebrities. No wonder tickets of IPL matches are sold out well before the start of event.

The Dancing Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders breathe life to IPL and keep energy of the game to the highest level. At the same time, they keep the audiences entertained and motivated with their dancing gigs. They keep the spirits on high whenever there is a dismissal, four or six.

Fiery Crowd
Like mega event of cricket world cup, IPL is another cricket event where you get to see the mass hysteria. In a 20-over match, you witness a fiery display of madness of the crowd for their team. The spectators do all the crazy things to motivate their favorite team using placards and loudspeakers.

Extravagant Opening Ceremony
What can be more fun than watching your favorite cricket stars and Bollywood idols on the same platform? Only IPL gives you the opportunity to grab a glimpse of both. Surreal fireworks, amazing performances of Bollywood stars and cheering crowd, it is like any other rock-star show where you get to see your beloved stars live in action.

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